My Coaching Area

I guide people to express their true potential, values and emotions and align their mindset in order to achieve meaningful objectives in areas such as: leadership, career, business, relationships, life changes, behaviors, lifestyle choices.

My experience from both “worlds”, business and personal, made me see the human behind each role (business or personal) and work with their potential to reflect their greatness.

Techniques I Use

  • I use an integrative approach and I invest a lot of effort in building the coach-client relationship through a humanistic method. What does that mean?
  • It means that the client dictates the rhythm, the steps and the intensity of the process, he is the hero, he has all the answers, the ideas and solutions and based on what works best for him I apply techniques from: solution focused coaching, cognitive coaching, behavioral coaching, gestalt, narrative, constructivist or pluralistic coaching.

How Do I Know What Works Best For My Client?

  • By demonstrating trust and safety, by setting up a frame supported by confidentiality, by respecting the ICF (International Coaching Federation) code of ethics and by establishing a coaching agreement, I put my client’s needs above everything and I use the humanistic person – centered approach to make the client feel comfortable enough to express him(her)self.
  • I use my analytical skills to carefully observe my client’s experiences, reactions and the way he/ she chooses to express him(her)self, what worked best for him/her in the past and what he/she would like to achieve.

Professional Experience

In 2016 I started coaching and mentoring people within the company I was working for as a Project Manager. I helped people change their role within the company, I supported them in setting and following a career path, I supported them in overcoming difficult situations and into becoming great leaders, I supported them in becoming coaches and guiding their coachees.

In 2021 I decided to take a more personal approach towards coaching and I started coaching outside the company as well.

Therefore I officially started a certification program. I graduated from Coach Connect’ Profesional Coach with diploma ACTP program and I am an ICF Certified Coach (ACC).

I also completed Leadership Coaching, Team and Group Coaching and Career Coaching programs from Coach Connect.

I started my professional career in 2010 as an Informatics teacher. After one year I switched to working in IT and after one more year I started working as a software project manager. After another 4 years I moved to Bucharest and started working in a small IT company with around 70 people. Today, as Head of Project Management Office, I am running a department of almost 50 people in the same company, a company that became one of the fastest growing IT companies in Europe.

I witnessed and took part in the process of adapting to incredible dynamics, mentoring, strategyzing, continuous learning, hiring, helping people grow, implementing and monitoring procedures, assigning the right people to the right projects while keeping them motivated, building a coaching and leadership mindset in the team and adding a fresh perspective to the company’s internal coaching program.

While doing this I delivered projects for various businesses and industries and I was an active part of all software development phases, from analysis, implementation, testing and documentation to management, strategy and client relationship.

Now I have a team of almost 50 people that are delivering complex projects, managing cross functional teams and building successful client relationships.

I know and I understand the entire journey from being part of a small team to adapting to change, growth and Agility, building, strategizing and being part of a big company that delivers value to businesses all around the world.

I am part of the company’s management team and I am actively involved in building and implementing the company’s strategy.

I met and worked with people from a wide range of businesses and industries with a variety of roles from top management to low level support, from almost all around the world. I had the honor to see so many personalities, to see what a successful mindset looks like and to see the potential in people.

Being so passionate about people made me look at them beyond their roles, their “cover” and see kindness, potential, strength, passion, intelligence, struggle, fear, sadness, frustration, desire and all that is.

I realized that what you build inside reflects outside and what you reflect outside attracts everything that is around you.

I witnessed incredible transformations, including mine, and all these came from within, from uncovering your own potential and aligning your goals and vision with your own values and emotions.

Q What areas does Coaching & Evolution approaches?

Leadership, Career, Mindset, Performance, Life

Q How can I find out more about coaching?

Setup a free session and let's talk more:

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